Hooray, you’re getting married!

Your wedding day is filled with special details, meaningful connections, excitement and moments that are truly unique because the day is about the two of you. In order to get those vibes on camera, I take the time to get to know you so that when your wedding day arrives, you’re comfortable to be your raw and honest selves as if I wasn’t there.

I will be snapping away in the background when you see your other half for the first time, when you glimpse your favourite people during the ceremony, when you break it on down during the reception and everything in between. I have a documentary style to my work and bring a creatively playful and relaxed approach to the day.

I have years of experience and can offer support and advice, from the locations, timings and details you may not have even thought of. I also love collaborating on new ideas together if you’re going for something non-traditional.

I love being able to capture your own crazy-in-love, knowing that when you look at the images in 20 years there will be sparks and feels as if it was yesterday. Wedding days are just the best celebrations and I’m incredibly privileged to be a part of them.

If this is resonating with you, then let’s chat!